BULL POWEROur design process started with one simple question: How should the ultimate machine work to make a powerful strong body? We developed our rack system by pursuing the athlete’s point of view. From material selection, fine-tuning of height adjustments with finer pitches, ease of lifting out of and placing back in the rack, to safety, BULL equipment will help you to break your personal limits for exercise, while introducing more variety into your training life.
BULL FREE WEIGHTTo enable athletes to g beyond the limits to challenge higher goals requires excellent tools. Made to rigorous tolerances, the high quality is evident in the ease of use, from the non-slip knurled barbell to the choice of knurl pattern. Our free weights meet lifting competition standards.
BULL STRENGTHPursuing the effective exercises for users, BULL came to a conclusion that an ideal machine lies in simplicity and should enable natural motion to efficiently stimulate the targeted muscles. It should allow fine-tuning from an athlete’s perspective, from the range of seat height to thickness of grip, and intuitive functionality for ease of use.
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